“How to train up a child”

To train a child is difficult but it became more easier and enjoyable when you discipline your child with all your love.

It is difficult to raise a child especially in his or her younger years.Yes,it needs more effort,time and years to raise children.Sometimes the best way to train your child is to obey the rules and regulations implemented by the parents for the sake of their child.

Every child is special.This is a fact.Every child is unique.Every child needs training and attention.They needs affection.

One way to train a child is to help them understand the true meaning of life.Disciplining the child in not an abusive manner is loving your child.Teaching them to be a good citizen and teaching them to do good deeds in order to avoid evil doings.

As the Bible says “train up a child in a way he should go so when he is old,he wont depart from it”.

Above all,seek counsel to God and read the Bible everyday.

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